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January 2023

Topological Hochschild Homology and Zeta Values

ag.algebraic-geometry kt.k-theory-and-homology nt.number-theory at.algebraic-topology
2023-01-30 through 2023-02-03
University of Copenhagen
Copenhagen; Denmark

Meeting Type: Masterclass

Contact: Shachar Carmeli, Lars Hesselholt, Ryomei Iwasa, Mikala Jansen


The masterclass will present spectacular recent advances in motivic filtrations and their applications. To briefly put this in context, every cohomology theory, in arithmetic geometry and elsewhere, should arise as the graded pieces of a motivic filtration of some localizing invariant, algebraic K-theory and topological cyclic homology being notable examples. The definition of the appropriate motivic filtrations, however, was long elusive. Voevodsky received the 2002 Fields medal, in part, for his definition of the motivic filtration of algebraic K-theory of schemes smooth over a field. This definition, however, was based on algebraic cycles, which are notoriously difficult to handle. In 2018, Bhatt, Morrow, and Scholze defined a motivic filtration of p-complete topological cyclic homology in an entirely different way, which is much simpler and easier to employ elsewhere, and this breakthrough has led to numerous advances.

Building on work of Antieau, Morin, and, independently, Bhatt-Lurie, have refined the Bhatt-Morrow-Scholze filtration to a filtration of non-completed topological cyclic homology, and Morin discovered that its graded pieces precisely account for an archimedean factor in a conjectural formula for the special values of the Hasse-Weil zeta function of a regular scheme, proper over the integers. It is very exciting to see that such quantative archimedean information can be extracted from topological cyclic homology! More recently, Hahn-Raksit-Wilson introduced the even filtration, and showed that it accounts for both the Bhatt-Morrow-Scholze filtration and the Morin and Bhatt-Lurie refinements thereof. It might also recover and extend Voevodsky's filtration?

February 2023

Categorification in representation theory

ct.category-theory ra.rings-and-algebras rt.representation-theory
2023-02-06 through 2023-02-17
The University of Sydney
Sydney; Australia

Meeting Type: Conference and workshop

Contact: Asilata Bapat, Andrew Mathas, Daniel Tubbenhauer, Oded Yacobi


This conference focuses on categorification and its applications in representation theory. Categorification is something of an art, where one mathematical object is replaced with another richer, and often categorical, one that often reveals deeper structual properties. Important examples of categorification in representation theory include the geometric categorifications of Ginzburg, Lusztig and Nakajima, which realize quantum groups and their representations in a geometric framework, and Khovanov's categorification of the Jones polynomial, and Elias and Williamson's proof of the Kazhdan-Lusztig positivity conjectures and Soergel's conjectures.

This conference brings some of the top experts in this field to discuss recent advances. The conference consists of:

A workshop, February 6-10, with three lecture series on different aspects of categorification The main conference, February 13-17.

The South Central Topology Conference II

at.algebraic-topology gt.geometric-topology
2023-02-11 through 2023-02-12
Texas State University
San Marcos, TX; USA

Meeting Type: conference

Contact: see conference website



  • Prasit Bhattacharya, New Mexico State University
  • Kalina Mincheva, Tulane University
  • Peter Patzt, University of Oklahoma
  • Maru Sarazola, Johns Hopkins University
  • Shira Tanny, Institute for Advanced Study
  • Melissa Zhang, UC Davis

Number Theory meets p-adic representations - a conference on the occasion of Peter Schneider's 70th birthday

ag.algebraic-geometry nt.number-theory rt.representation-theory
2023-02-13 through 2023-02-17
University Muenster
Muenster; Germany

Meeting Type: conference

Contact: Christopher Deninger, Eugen Hellmann



March 2023

Gauge Fields in Arithmetic, Topology & Physics

at.algebraic-topology mp.mathematical-physics nt.number-theory
2023-03-06 through 2023-03-10
Edinburgh; UK

Meeting Type: conference

Contact: see conference website


There is a history of fruitful links between low-dimensional topology and number theory, going back at least to Mazur's observation that primes in number rings can be viewed as analogues of knots in a 3-manifold. More recently, the introduction of arithmetic gauge theory by M. Kim and collaborators paves the way to further bring ideas from theoretical physics to bear on fundamental problems in number theory and arithmetic geometry. 

This conference aims to explore this exciting new direction, and the links between number theory, topology and physics in general, with a particular focus on the role played by gauge fields as a unifying framework. In doing this, we will bring together experts and early career researchers in each of the areas mentioned above, with a view to fostering new collaborations and enabling participants to become acquainted with recent developments.

Shimura Varieties and L-functions

ag.algebraic-geometry nt.number-theory rt.representation-theory
2023-03-13 through 2023-03-17
Berkeley, CA; USA

Meeting Type: conference

Contact: see conference website


The topical workshop will be dedicated to Shouwu Zhang, to mark the occasion of his 60th birthday, and to honour his numerous beautiful contributions to the theory of Shimura varieties and special values of L-functions. It will highlight cutting edge work on topics such as the construction of Euler systems; relations between special cycles on Shimura varieties and L-functions, such as generalized Gross-Zagier formulas and the Tate conjecture; the construction of Galois representations in cohomology; and related aspects of the theory of automorphic forms.

Homotopy theory @ Northwestern

2023-03-20 through 2023-03-24
Northwestern University
Evanston, IL; USA

Meeting Type: conference

Contact: Benjamin Antieau, John Francis


A conference on Homotopy theory at Northwestern to honor the contributions of Paul Goerss.

April 2023

Around Complex Geometry

ag.algebraic-geometry cv.complex-variables dg.differential-geometry
2023-04-21 through 2023-04-23
University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, IL; USA

Meeting Type: conference

Contact: Julius Ross, Ruadhai Dervan


The workshop Around Complex Geometry will take place at the University of Illinois at Chicago April 21-23 2022. The plan is to bring a mix of senior and junior researchers with interests in complex geometry and related fields.

May 2023

The Arithmetic of the Langlands Program

ag.algebraic-geometry nt.number-theory rt.representation-theory
2023-05-02 through 2023-08-18
Bonn; Germany

Meeting Type: thematic program

Contact: see conference website


The Langlands program aims to relate systems of polynomial equations with integer coefficients to automorphic forms, i.e. functions on symmetric spaces with a large number of discrete symmetries. The focus of the trimester will be on some manifestations of this program, including:

moduli spaces of shtukas
p-adic techniques in local Langlands and the relation to geometric Langlands
Shimura varieties and more general spaces in global Langlands

Summer School on the Arithmetic of the Langlands Program

ag.algebraic-geometry nt.number-theory rt.representation-theory
2023-05-08 through 2023-05-12
Hausdorff Research Institute for Mathematics
Bonn; Germany

Meeting Type: graduate summer school

Contact: see conference website


This school provides an introduction to some of the main topics of the trimester program. It is mainly directed at PhD students and junior researchers.

Representation theory, L-functions, and arithmetic

nt.number-theory rt.representation-theory
2023-05-09 through 2023-05-11
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; USA

Meeting Type: conference

Contact: Bogdan Ion, Carl Wang-Erickson



Conference on Motivic and Equivariant Topology

ag.algebraic-geometry at.algebraic-topology kt.k-theory-and-homology
2023-05-14 through 2023-05-17
Swansea University
Swansea; UK

Meeting Type: conference

Contact: Grigory Garkusha


The conference will focus on the areas of motivic and equivariant homotopy theory, K-theory. These topics have deep connections and applications to a wide variety of research areas, including algebraic geometry, topology, category theory and number theory. The aim of this conference is to share the latest developments and applications in these topics.

June 2023

A Panorama of Homotopy Theory

at.algebraic-topology gt.geometric-topology mp.mathematical-physics
2023-06-05 through 2023-06-09
Oxford University
Oxford; UK

Meeting Type: conference

Contact: Aravind Asok, Dan Freed, Mike Hill, Ulrike Tillmann


A Conference in Honour of Mike Hopkins

Colloquium on Finsler Geometry and its Applications

2023-06-12 through 2023-06-16
University of Debrecen
Debrecen; Hungary

Meeting Type: conference

Contact: Laszlo Kozma


The scientific program (13-15th June) is devoted to lectures given by the participants and invited lectures on various fields of Finsler geometry and applications to mathematical physics, and other fields.
See the Scientific Committee at : https://konferencia.unideb.hu/en/cfga-2023

Conference on Local Langlands and p-adic methods

ag.algebraic-geometry nt.number-theory rt.representation-theory
2023-06-12 through 2023-06-16
Hausdorff Research Institute for Mathematics
Bonn; Germany

Meeting Type: conference

Contact: see conference website


This conference will be on various aspects of the local Langlands correspondence over p-adic fields and methods from p-adic Hodge theory. Topics will include the usual local Langlands correspondence, the p-adic local Langlands correspondence and the relation to coherent sheaves on spaces of Galois representations, and the geometry and cohomology of local Shimura varieties.

100 Years of Noetherian Rings

ac.commutative-algebra ag.algebraic-geometry nt.number-theory rt.representation-theory
2023-06-19 through 2023-06-23
Institute for Advanced Study
Princeton, NJ; USA

Meeting Type: conference

Contact: see conference website


In the early 1920s, Emmy Noether introduced the fundamental concept of a Noetherian ring, a notion that has had a remarkably broad impact on mathematics over the last century. In this conference, we celebrate Noether's legacy with research talks from many areas of algebra, broadly construed, including algebraic geometry, commutative algebra, number theory, and representation theory.

Complex analysis and geometry: celebrating the 70+1th birthday of Laszlo Lempert

ag.algebraic-geometry cv.complex-variables dg.differential-geometry
2023-06-26 through 2023-06-30
Alfred Renyi Institute
Budapest; Hungary

Meeting Type: conference

Contact: Tamas Darvas


We are going to organize a week long conference during June 26-30, 2023, hosted by the Alfred Renyi Institute of Mathematics in Budapest, Hungary. The topic of the conference will emphasize the rich interactions between complex analysis and complex geometry, within the context of geometric analysis.

In addition, the conference will serve as an opportunity to celebrate the 70+1th birthday of Laszlo Lempert.

Summer School on Scissors Congruence, Algebraic K-theory, and Trace Methods

at.algebraic-topology kt.k-theory-and-homology
2023-06-26 through 2023-06-30
Indiana University, Bloomington
Bloomington, IN; USA

Meeting Type: summer school

Contact: Michael Mandell


The 2023 Summer School on Scissors Congruence, Algebraic K-theory, and Trace Methods for graduate students and early career researchers will be held June 26-30 at Indiana University, Bloomington.

The summer school will include mini-courses on:

  • Algebraic K-theory - Mona Merling
  • Scissors congruence K-theory - Inna Zakharevich
  • Trace methods - Teena Gerhardt and Cary Malkiewich

The summer school will also feature problem sessions and student talks on foundational papers in the area.

We expect to provide housing for invited participants as well as (partial) reimbursement for travel expenses. We expect approximately 40-50 participants overall.

For more information, and to apply, please see: https://topology.math.indiana.edu/Summer2023/
Applications are due January 31st, 2023.

Organizing Committee:

  • Andrew Blumberg
  • Teena Gerhardt
  • Michael Hill
  • Cary Malkiewich
  • Michael Mandell

Scientific Committee:
  • Andrew Blumberg, Columbia University
  • Anna Marie Bohmann, Vanderbilt University
  • Teena Gerhardt, Michigan State University
  • Mike Hill, UCLA
  • Cary Malkiewich, Binghamton University
  • Michael Mandell, Indiana University
  • Mona Merling, University of Pennsylvania
  • Kate Ponto, University of Kentucky
  • Inna Zakharevich, Cornell University

July 2023

2023 International Conference on Topology and its Applications

at.algebraic-topology gn.general-topology gt.geometric-topology ho.history-and-overview
2023-07-03 through 2023-07-07
University of Patras and University of Peloponese
Nafpaktos/Greece; Greece

Meeting Type: conference

Contact: Professor Dimitris Georgiou


The Department of Mathematics of University of Patras and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of University of Peloponnese with the hospitality of the city of Nafpaktos organize the:

"2023 International Conference on Topology and its Applications, July 3-7, 2023, Nafpaktos, Greece"

Organizing Committee: S. Iliadis - Chairman, D. Georgiou (Department of Mathematics, University of Patras, Patra, Greece), I. Kougias (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Peloponnese, Patra, Greece), A. Megaritis (Department of Physics, University of Thessaly, Lamia, Greece), F. Sereti (Department of Mathematics, University of Western Macedonia, Kastoria, Greece), V. Gkizas (Mayor of the Municipality of Nafpaktia)

University of Patras - University of Peloponnese

Homepage:: http://www.lepantotopology.gr

e-mail: [email protected]

Description: All areas of Topology and its Applications are included: General Topology, Set-Theoretic Topology, Geometric Topology, Algebraic Topology, Applied Topology. In particular: Topological Groups, Dimension Theory, Dynamical Systems and Continua Theory, Computational Topology, History of Topology.

The above conference is the continuation of the following conferences:

(1) 2006 International Conference on Topology and its Applications,_ June 23-26, 2006, Aegion, Greece.

(2) 2010 International Conference on Topology and its Applications,_ June 26-30, 2010, Nafpaktos, Greece.

(3) 2014 International Conference on Topology and its Applications,_ June 3-7, 2014, Nafpaktos, Greece.

(4) 2018 International Conference on Topology and its Applications,_ July 3-7, 2018, Nafpaktos, Greece.

Homotopy theory, K-theory, and trace methods

at.algebraic-topology kt.k-theory-and-homology
2023-07-05 through 2023-07-07
Radboud University
Nijmegen; Netherlands

Meeting Type: conference

Contact: see conference website


This conference is organized around the themes of K-theory, (motivic) homotopy theory, topological Hochschild homology, trace methods, and related topics. It is dedicated to Bjørn Ian Dundas on the occasion of his 60th birthday.

A Festival Remembering Victor Snaith: Topology, Number Theory and Interactions

at.algebraic-topology kt.k-theory-and-homology nt.number-theory ra.rings-and-algebras
2023-07-10 through 2023-07-14
University of Bristol
Bristol; UK

Meeting Type: conference

Contact: Haluk Sengun


Victor P. Snaith (1944 – 2021) was distinguished not just as an outstanding mathematician who made deep and lasting contributions in algebraic topology and number theory but also as a charismatic leader who enthusiastically developed research communities and generously supported young researchers.

The conference will bring together homotopy theory, cohomology of groups, algebraic K-theory and number theory, the main areas in which Vic worked. The aim is to feature important developments, paying special attention to synergies between these areas, as Vic did in much of his versatile research.

August 2023

Global Langlands, Shimura varieties, and shtukas

ag.algebraic-geometry nt.number-theory rt.representation-theory
2023-08-07 through 2023-08-11
Hausdorff Research Institute for Mathematics
Bonn; Germany

Meeting Type: conference

Contact: see conference website


This conference will be on various aspects of the global Langlands correspondence. Topics will include in particular the geometry and cohomology of Shimura varieties and more general locally symmetric spaces, or moduli spaces of shtukas.

Galois representations and automorphic forms

ag.algebraic-geometry nt.number-theory rt.representation-theory
2023-08-21 through 2023-08-25
Banach Center
Będlewo; Poland

Meeting Type: conference

Contact: see conference website



October 2023

Conference on Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry -- On the occasion of Michael Rapoport’s 75th birthday

ag.algebraic-geometry nt.number-theory rt.representation-theory
2023-10-02 through 2023-10-06
University of Muenster
Muenster; Germany

Meeting Type: conference

Contact: Eugen Hellmann, Andreas Mihatsch, Timo Richarz, Eva Viehmann


The conference is about recent developments in Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry. Its central theme is the geometry of Shimura varieties and related spaces in all its facets. Topics to be covered include: Integral models of Shimura varieties and the geometry of their reductions, p-adic and perfectoid geometry, special cycles on Shimura varieties, moduli spaces of Galois representations and (φ, Γ)-modules.

April 2024

CRM Special Thematic Semester on "Geometric Analysis"

2024-04-15 through 2024-06-29
Centre de Recherches Mathématiques
Montréal, Québec; Canada

Meeting Type: Thematics Semester (6 workshops and a summer school)

Contact: Spiro Karigiannis


This semester-long program in geometric analysis will focus mostly on complex geometry and Kähler geometry, but with the occasional excursion into real geometry. While the inspiration has deep geometrical roots, the tools are to a large degree those of partial differential equations. A lot of the activity will centre on six workshops:

PDEs in Complex Geometry (April 15-19, 2024)

Special Riemannian Metrics in Dimensions 6,7,8 (April 22-26, 2024)

Analysis of Geometric Singularities (May 13-17, 2024)

Moduli Spaces and Singularities (May 20-24, 2024)

Current Trends in Kähler Metrics with Special Curvature Properties (June 17-21, 2024)

Current Trends in Geometric Flows (June 25-29, 2024)

There will be a significant portion of the term and its resources devoted to training. Apart from resources set aside for students to attend the workshops, the semester will coordinate with the Séminaire de Mathématiques Supérieures (SMS). This school, a Montreal tradition, has been providing high-level training for graduate students since 1960, with some of the very top leaders in the field as lecturers.

We think that the 2024 SMS will be no exception. The topic is:

Flows and Variational Methods in Riemannian and Complex Geometry: Classical and Modern Methods (June 3-14, 2024).

July 2024


at.algebraic-topology gt.geometric-topology
2024-07-21 through 2024-07-27
Oberwolfach; Germany

Meeting Type: workshop

Contact: Mark Behrens, Ruth Charney, Oscar Randal-Williams, Andras Stipsicz


See conference website