MathMeetings.net provides a list of conferences and similar meetings in mathematics. There are a number of other such lists, but this list aims to be more complete by allowing anyone at all to add announcements. This is similar in spirit to a wiki, but the announcements are formatted and stored in a database for efficient searching and sorting.

Announcements are filtered by subject tags, and are curated by the volunteers listed below. Note: This site restricts itself to meetings whose focus is mathematics. Announcements about more general meetings are typically not appropriate and may be deleted.

The site is developed by Niles Johnson. It began as a list for conferences in topology, but with the addition of subject tags we hope that it will be useful more generally. Please contact Niles if you have further quesitons or comments!

Adding Announcements

To add an announcement, use the link at the top of the page. An email address is required so that announcements you post can be edited or deleted. To prevent spam, a Google ReCAPTCHA is also required. In addition, a security token is stored as a browser cookie.

When you add an announcement, you will receive a message like the following:

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Announcement Data:

My Interesting Conference!
2016-04-01 -- 2016-04-01


Contact: Niles Johnson
Institution: The Ohio State University
City: Columbus, OH
Country: USA
Meeting type: conference
Subject Tags:
  * at.algebraic-topology
  * ag.algebraic-geometry

This conference is going to be great!  See the website for more details.

If you need to update your announcement, use the links provided to access the edit or delete pages. Each announcement is assigned a random string which is required to edit or delete; this appears at the end of the links above and is re-generated each time the announcement is updated.

Subject Tags

With subject tags, we can include announcements from a broader range of fields while still allowing users to focus the conferences relevant for their field. When the tagging feature was first implemented, all announcements were tagged as 'at.algebraic-topology'. Future announcements are assigned a subject upon entry into the database. The subject tags are taken from the arXiv.org math categories.

The link to update tags on the home page is generated automatically by javascript. If you prefer not to use javascript, you can easily create the appropriate URL by hand. Simply use the 2-letter codes for each subject, separated by dashes. For example, to choose at.algebraic-topology and ct.category-theory, use the following URL:


Note: Multiple tags are combined with an OR condition, meaning that you will see announcements which are tagged with any of the tags you select. For now, it does not seem useful to introduce more complex search logic.

Subject tags are supported on the main list, the rss feed, and the new announcement form. On the form, any active subject tags are used to set the default tags for the new announcement.

RSS Feed

An RSS feed is an electronic format for publishing information that is frequently updated. Using a feed reader, one can quickly scan the list of topics. New topics which have not yet been viewed are highlighted for convenience. One can also parse the rss feed with external software to develop an alternative front end for the list.

The RSS feed for this site gives a list of conference titles, sorted by date, and direct links to their homepages. You can also get an RSS feed for your subject(s) of choice by appending '.rss' after your tag names. For example at-gt.rss or ag-nt.rss.

You can read more about RSS feeds at the Wikipedia page. One example of a feed reader is Feedly. There are many others.

New in version 2.1.3: calendar event links are now included with the 'enclosure' tag.

JSON and XML interfaces

JSON and XML are two structured data formats which can be easily parsed by third-party software. Access the interfaces similarly to the RSS feed: use the extension '.json' or '.xml' after your subject tags. For example: at-gt.json or ag-nt.xml.

You can use these, for instance, to set up an alternate front for the announements on this site. A crude demo can be found here. Contact Niles if you are interested in additional features.

Calendar Links

Links are provided to automatically import data from each conference announcement into calendaring software. We have a direct link for Google Calendar, and an iCalendar (.ics) formatted file for importing into other software.

New in version 2.1.3: An ICS feed is available, giving calendar events for all announcements matching the given tag string. A link to the ICS feed is printed on the main index page, next to the RSS link.


The people listed here have volunteered to help curate this site. They help keep the list up-to-date by adding new announcements, if the organizers haven't done so themselves. They receive a copy of the edit/delete keys for each announcement, and can help if you have any trouble posting or updating your announcements.

If you would like to volunteer, please let Niles know!

Algebraic Geometry, Complex Variables

Algebraic Topology

Arithmetic Geometry

Differential Geometry


A very rudimentary search form is now available at conferences/search. You can also set the tags by default with an extra parameter such as conferences/search/at-gt.

Currently the search only performs simple date comparison and basic string matching in certain fields. As time permits, we will work on a more flexible and full-featured search. Please let Niles know if you have any specific functionality requests!

Countries List

The list of countries provided when adding new announcements is from the World countries database, licensed under the Open Database License 1.0.


We use Google Analytics for tracking visitors. This provides a wealth of useful information about how the site is used, and helps us make decisions about how to improve functionality. There are a variety of options for disabling Google Analytics.

External libraries typically also implement their own tracking. On this site, we use some components of the Jquery javascript library and various social networking buttons on the announcement view pages.

Browser Cookies

The code from external libraries typically makes use of browser cookies. This includes cookies from google.com, jquery.com, and twitter.com. These are neither owned nor set directly by this site, and to our knowledge none of this site's functionality depends in a critical way on these cookies.

This site does set a browser cookie to store a security key called a CSRF token. This is used for processing the New Announcement form and ensures that malicious users cannot repeatedly submit announcements using the same successful captcha. The cookie contains no user information and is immediately discarded upon use.

Source Code

This list application was built with the CakePHP framework. The source code is licensed under GPL v3, and is hosted in a git repository on GitHub: conference-list.

Want to contribute!? Browse the source, have a look at the open issues, and clone a working copy of the code. Contact Niles if you have further questions!