Tropical Geometry, Berkovich Spaces, Arithmetic D-Modules and p-adic Local Systems

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Imperial College of London 
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Andrea Pulita, Ambrus Pal 


With this workshop we would like to promote the interaction between the following five fields:

  • Berkovich spaces,
  • Tropical geometry,
  • p-adic differential equations,
  • Arithmetic D-modules and representations of p-adic Lie groups,
  • Arithmetic applications of p-adic local systems.

While the first two are already tightly linked, the role of Berkovich spaces in the last 3 topics is only emerging and within this, the role of tropical geometry has not yet been explored. More generally, we consider this conference to be a good opportunity to study new techniques recently introduced into the field. We are convinced that each of these areas has plenty of potential and that a fruitful interaction between them might nourish their development. The aim of the conference is precisely to give leading experts in these each of these domains the opportunity to meet, present their last results and open challenges, and encourage an exchange that will drive forward these exciting and rapidly developing subjects.

A poster session is planned. Students are welcome to submit posters.


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