Zeta Functions

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Zeta functions are ubiquitous objects in Number Theory and Arithmetic Geometry. They are analytic, algebraic, or combinatorial in nature. Families of zeta functions (or more generally of L-functions) naturally appear in a broad variety of active research fields e.g. au- tomorphic forms and Artin representations, Drinfeld modules, arithmetic dynamics, abelian varieties over global fields, inequities in the distribution of sequences indexed by prime num- bers or more generally by places of global fields...

The main purpose of the “Zeta functions” conference is to gather experts of the theoretical and computational branches of number theory and arithmetic geometry together with students and young researchers to have them interact and explore further the richness of the information encoded by zeta and L-functions. Our conference proposal aims at synthesizing complementary points of view coming from distant fields: the analytic approach in the classical theory of zeta and L-functions, the theory of Artin L-functions in connection with the Langlands program, zeta and L-functions coming from arithmetic geometry in the spirit of the Weil conjectures, zeta functions arising in dynamics...

One of the original aspects of the project lies in the interaction between theoretical considerations and numerical and algorithmic features for diverse families of zeta and L-functions. Rather than a meeting meant for experts in a particular topic we will put the emphasis on the exchange of ideas between people coming from related fields in Number Theory and on inviting young researchers and students to further pursue the study of these interactions that have already proven fruitful and that we believe are still very promising.


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