2nd IMA and OR Society Conference on Mathematics of Operational Research

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Aston University 
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Pamela Bye 


Flows involving solid particulates are ubiquitous in nature and industry alike. Such flows are found in pharmaceutical production, the chemical industry, the food and agricultural industries, energy production and the environment. Many unsolved problems remain, however. In order to be able to solve problems, granular flows need to be understood so that their behaviour can be controlled and predicted.

We are able to describe rapid granular flows, where the particles are highly agitated and there has been some success describing static systems. The intermediate regime, where these two phases meet and coexist, is not as well understood and yet is the most commonly observed behaviour of granular flow. The objective of this meeting will be to interface the two ends of the particulate flow spectrum – those working to understand the fundamentals of granular flows and those attempting to control particulate flows in an industrial setting - to develop solutions to the complex problems presented by dense granular flows.

Themes will include dense granular flow, biological systems, self-propelled particles and geological flows, exploring new developments in theoretical analysis and experimental techniques. All attendees will be provided with an opportunity to present recent work and there will be substantial time for discussion, both during the workshop and during the evening! Postgraduate and PhD students are particularly welcomed and oral presentations will reflect the breadth of the field.

Invited Speakers Professor Kimberly Hill (University of Minnesota) Dr Chris Johnson (University of Manchester) Professor Ken Kamrin (MIT) Lydie Staron (Institut le Rond d'Alembert, Paris)


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