Structure of Length 3 Resolutions

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University of California, San Diego 
San Diego, CA 
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A finite free resolution over a commutative local ring is universal for its set of ranks if every other finite free resolution with the same set of ranks can be obtained from it via base change. The existence is formal, however the question remained whether the universal ring can be taken to be noetherian. Hochster established this in 1975 in the length 2 case. Recent advances have connected this story to Kac-Moody Lie algebras and representation theory and the goal of this workshop is to introduce this research area to graduate students, with special emphasis on the length 3 case. The structure of the universal ring controls the structure of free resolutions of a given rank, and this new link allows one to explore this with the use of representation theory.

We have travel and lodging support for students and young researchers. Please use the registration form if you are interested in attending.

The plan is to have 2 introductory lectures each morning (example topics are linkage, structure theorems for finite free resolutions, basic representation theory), with problem sessions and time to write Macaulay2 code in the afternoons. Prior experience with Macaulay2 will be very helpful and participants will be able to work on computer projects with a research component.


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