Analytic Number Theory

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Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, University of California, Berkeley 
Berkeley, CA 
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long-term research program 
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Analytic number theory, and its applications and interactions, are currently experiencing intensive progress, in sometimes unexpected directions. In recent years, many important classical questions have seen spectacular advances based on new techniques; conversely, methods developed in analytic number theory have led to the solution of striking problems in other fields.

Recent advances in analytic number theory have had repercussions in various mathematical subjects, such as harmonic analysis (including the Langlands programme), ergodic theory and dynamics (especially on homogenous spaces), additive and multiplicative combinatorics and theoretical computer science (in particular, through the theory of expander graphs).

The MSRI semester program in Spring 2017 will focus on the topic of Analytic Number Theory, with workshops and other activities focused on the most impressive recent achievements in this field. We wish not only to give the leading researchers in the area further opportunities to work together, but more importantly to give young people the occasion to learn about these topics, and to give them the tools to achieve the next breakthroughs.

This program includes several conferences, to be posted separately.


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