Topological and Geometric Methods in Quantum Field Theory (NSF-CBMS)

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Start Date
End Date
Montana State University 
Bozeman, Montana 
Meeting Type
Workshop, summer school,  
Contact Name
David Ayala, Ryan Grady 


NSF-CBMS conference: "Topological and Geometric Methods in Quantum Field Theory." 31 July - 4 August 2017, Bozeman, Montana.

Expert Participants. Dan Freed (principle lecturer) Agnes Beaudry Robert Bryant Sam Gunningham Max Metlitski David Morrison Andy Neitzke

Abstract. This event will be framed around a series of 10 somewhat self-contained lectures by Dan Freed concerning recent work using stable homotopy theory for predictive results in topological phases of matter. Other key experts will facilitate supplemental discussion sessions with the intent of offering background, context, and examples. The expertise of these participants will represent differential geometry, quantum field theory, and algebraic topology.
This event will be especially designed for graduate students and recent graduates, as well as experienced researchers aiming to enhance their pool of workable knowledge.

Registration. Please register through the event webpage: . Deadline for registration is 19 March 2017; there is no registration fee.

There are NSF funds to fully support 30 participants, notably graduate students and recent graduates; these funds will cover food, board, and travel (within the United States). Application for such funding is part of the registration process.

Location. Bozeman, Montana, is an especially splendid place to be through this period of the summer. There are a host of trails near to town, and there is a modest, though active, downtown district.

For any further inquiries please send an email to Ryan Grady: ryan.grady1 at .


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