2024 Talbot Workshop

at.algebraic-topology kt.k-theory-and-homology
Start Date
End Date
Nacogdoches, TX 
Meeting Type
summer school 
Contact Name
2024-06-21 16:23:58 
2024-06-21 16:24:46 


The Talbot Workshop is an annual mathematical retreat for early career participants — primarily graduate students — to become acquainted with current research in algebraic topology and related fields. The 2024 Talbot Workshop is titled "Topological Cyclic Homology of Ring Spectra" and will be mentored by Jeremy Hahn (MIT) and Allen Yuan (Northwestern/IAS).

Topological cyclic homology is a rapidly developing subject sitting between homotopy theory and (via the work of Bhatt–Morrow–Scholze) p-adic arithmetic geometry. There are now many excellent introductions to topological cyclic homology that focus on discrete commutative rings and spherical group rings. We aim to give a computationally focused introduction to the topological cyclic homology of finite height ring spectra. The topic is also closely connected to (MU-based) synthetic spectra, and may help familiarize students with their use in computations.

The workshop will proceed by discussing THH and its concomitant structures: the motivic filtration, the circle action, and the Frobenius map. We will follow the discussion of each structure with computations in the examples of THH(Fp), THH(Z), and THH(ku), with the ultimate goal of understanding syntomic cohomology and Lichtenbaum–Quillen theorems. Time permitting, we will conclude with connections to the algebraic K-theory of ring spectra, chromatic redshift, the telescope conjecture, and prismatization.


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