Building Bridges: 6th EU/US Summer School and Workshop on Automorphic Forms and Related Topics (BB6)

Start Date
End Date
Meeting Type
summer school and conference 
Contact Name
Jim Brown 
2024-04-14 23:57:21 
2024-04-14 23:57:21 


Automorphic forms are present in almost all areas of modern number theory. Over the past few decades, there has been an explosion of activity and progress in this vast field, leading to exciting new directions of research, new applications, and connections to other fields. The Building Bridges conferences are a central element in this evolution of the subject. The Building Bridges conference is an international biennial event, the 2024 edition will be the sixth. These meetings, which last two weeks, consist of a summer school, followed by a one-week workshop. Each summer school consists of three 2-day mini-courses, taught by teams of internationally renowned researchers. The courses are given by pairs of teachers- made up of a European and an American researcher, giving meaning to the idea of a bridge between the research carried out in the two continents. The workshop is organized in a very dynamic way and is well known and well received by the experts. The format of the conference is special: there are no guest speakers, but the time is shared equally between all speakers, following the advice of the scientific committee. The objective is to promote young researchers by giving them the same time to present their research as experienced scientists in the field. There will also be several awareness round tables on themes of social interest.


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