Climate-Inclusive Ecosystem Modeling: Understanding the Dynamics of Ecosystems in a Changing World

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Centre de Recerca Matemàtica (CRM) 
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2024-02-19 14:18:29 
2024-02-19 14:18:29 


In a rapidly changing world, understanding the intricate relationships between climate and ecosystems has become more critical than ever. The “Climate-Inclusive Ecosystem Modeling: Understanding the Dynamics of Ecosystems in a Changing World (CIEM-24)” conference seeks to bring together researchers, scientists and stakeholders to explore and discuss cutting-edge approaches in modeling ecosystems, taking into account the profound influence of climate factors. The conference aims to address a wide range of topics, including theoretical ecology, ordinary and partial differential equations, autonomous and non-autonomous dynamical systems, multi-scale modelling, stochastic systems, among others, providing a comprehensive understanding of how climate change affects ecosystems and how ecosystem modeling can be enhanced to incorporate these effects.

Participants will delve into the following key areas:

  1. Climate-Ecosystem Interactions: Explore the complex interactions between climate parameters and various ecosystems, such as forests, oceans, grasslands, and fresh waters. Understand how climate-induced changes, including temperature shifts, altered precipitation patterns, extreme weather events, and fires impact the structure and functioning of ecosystems, focusing on tipping points and regime shifts.

  2. Advancements in Ecosystem Modeling: Showcase the latest advancements in ecosystem modeling techniques, including mathematical models, machine learning, remote sensing, and data-driven approaches. Examine how these models can simulate and predict ecosystem responses to climate change scenarios with greater accuracy and precision.

  3. Impacts on Biodiversity and Species Distribution: Analyze the implications of climate change on biodiversity loss, species migration, and habitat alterations. Discuss strategies for preserving vulnerable ecosystems and mitigating potential ecological disruptions.

  4. Resilience, Adaptation, and Prevention Strategies: Highlight successful cases of ecosystem resilience and adaptation in the face of climate challenges. Share best practices and innovative solutions that promote ecosystem sustainability and recovery. Model-based solutions to predict fires intensity and propagation.

  5. Conservation and Restoration Efforts: Discuss conservation and restoration efforts based on climate-inclusive ecosystem modeling, focusing on ecosystem-based approaches that account for climate dynamics in restoration projects.

This conference aims to stimulate vibrant discussions, facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations, and promote the development of innovative methodologies and scientific works that consider climate as a pivotal factor in ecosystem dynamics. By uniting diverse perspectives and expertise, this conference endeavors to contribute significantly to the growing body of knowledge addressing the urgent need for sustainable management of ecosystems in an ever-changing world.


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