Symplectic Paradise

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Montana State University 
Meeting Type
Summer School 
Contact Name
David Ayala 


This is a residential summer school on the theme of translating notions in manifold topology to a symplectic setting.

It will take place Wednesday through Sunday, 16-20 August 2023, in Paradise Valley, Montana.

All participants must register; the registration deadline is 30 April 2023.*

  • We are happy to work with anybody needing to finalize their travel plans before, or after, this deadline.

Scientific Organizers.

Peter Haine (UC Berkeley)

Xin Jin (Boston College)

David Nadler (UC Berkeley)

Event Organizers.

David Ayala (Montana State University)

Sam Gunningham (Montana State University)


The three Scientific Organizers will deliver lecture series on the theme of translating notions and results from manifold topology into a symplectic setting.

For example, given a sheaf on a manifold X, one can associate its micro-support (or singular support) which is a conic Lagrangian subset of the cotangent bundle TX. In this way, one is led to the idea that the category of sheaves on X naturally localizes over TX. Replacing cotangent bundles T*X with more general symplectic manifolds (for example, Liouville or Weinstein manifolds) leads to the theory of micro-local sheaves, a topological approach to the Fukaya category. These notions have important applications, notably in the areas of mirror symmetry and geometric representation theory.

The presentations will be targeted to novices in the field, such as advanced graduate students or postdocs, in the spirit of creating new colleagues. A working familiarity with algebraic topology and differential geometry (at the level of a graduate sequence), as well as some category theory, will be helpful.

The workshop’s schedule will allow for mid-day discussions and walks & hikes.

See the summer school's webpage for more information.


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