Constructive Mathematics: Foundations and Practice CM:FP 2023 June, 26 -30, 2023

Start Date
End Date
University of Niš, Center of Applied Mathematics of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, CAM-FMEN 
Niš, Serbia 
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PhD Melanija Mitrović, Head of CAM-FMEN, Chair of the Organizing committee 


It is the second edition of the series of conferences, under the title: Constructive Mathematics as a Bridge Between Classical Mathematics, Mathematical Education, Philosophy of Mathematics and Computer Sciences - An Appealing Intellectual Unification. This year’s conference will be dedicated to the memory of the American mathematician Errett Bishop celebrating the 95th ANNIVERSARY of his birth as well as the 55th anniversary of the publication of his seminal book Foundations of Constructive Analysis. The main aims of the conference are: to provide an opportunity for experts to present and discuss their recent research in seminars that relate to the various aspects and implications of constructive mathematics; to hold a mini-series of lectures, presented by experts in various fields and designed to engage academics from STEM disciplines and Humanities (including graduate students) in the discussions around the recent developments in constructive mathematics and its applications.

Thus, we call for an intriguing intellectual unification of different disciplines. The guiding questions behind the conference include: What happens when we free ourselves from the governing metaphors within our disciplines? Do we see commonalities across the disciplines in how that was/is done? Given this short synopsis of the ideas behind how we envision this conference and its contributions to the multidisciplinary landscape, we hope that the rich discussions during the conference and the publications that will be put out afterwards will constitute a significant contribution to the field and initiate new collaborations CM:FP 2023 conference is a result of collaboration between the following three academic groups/organizations: Center for Applied Mathematics of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Niš, CAM-FMEN, University of Niš, Serbia; Cognitive Science Network (Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences), Canada; International Chair in Mathematical Physics and Applications, ICMPA-UNESCO Chair, University of Abomey-Calavi, Benin.


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