Stacks Project Workshop 2023

ag.algebraic-geometry nt.number-theory
Start Date
End Date
University of Michigan 
Ann Arbor, MI 
Meeting Type
workshop (appropriate for graduate students) 
Contact Name
Pieter Belmans, Aise Johan de Jong, Wei Ho 


This will be a workshop in arithmetic and algebraic geometry, similar to the previous iterations (in 2017 and online in 2020). The intended participant is a graduate student, or a postdoc, or even a senior researcher. You will work on a single topic, possibly related to the Stacks project, in a small group together with a mentor for a week. Part of this process will be seeing how one builds new theory from the foundations. There will also be one or two talks per day covering advanced topics in arithmetic or algebraic geometry.

The Stacks project workshop will have some optional activities you won't see at other workshops. Adding references to and finding mistakes in the Stacks Project (and fixing them) as well as activities related to LaTeX use, Git, and GitHub. Overall these will be aimed at helping you contribute efficiently to the Stacks project.


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