12th IMA International Conference on Mathematics in Signal Processing

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Institute of Mathematics and its Applications 
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Pamela By 


Signal processing and machine learning constitutes an important area for the application of mathematical concepts and techniques, in an era where learning algorithms must be transparent, robust, explainable and understandable, and ethical. It is a thriving area, as demonstrated by the success of the UK hosting the recent International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP) in Brighton in 2019.

Signal and information processing is at the heart of our technological world, fuelled by developments in, for example, mobile communications, networks and graphs, multimedia systems, medical image analysis, genomics and bioengineering, neural signal processing, big data processing and internet of things. The aim of the conference is to bring together mathematicians, statisticians and engineers with a view to exploring recent developments in mathematics for signal processing and machine learning and identifying fruitful avenues for further research. It is hoped that the meeting will help to attract more mathematicians into this important and challenging field. The conference will follow the same successful format as our previous conferences, comprising tutorials, keynote addresses and non-overlapping technical sessions consisting of oral and poster presentations. A social programme will be organised and will include a reception to welcome delegates.


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