38th Annual Workshop in Geometric Topology

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Greg Friedman 


The 38th Annual Workshop in Geometric Topology will be held online June 15-17, 2021. The featured speaker will be Peter Bubenik of the University of Florida, who will give a series of three one-hour lectures on Topological Data Analysis.

Participants are invited to contribute talks of 20 minutes. Contributed talks need not be directly related to the topic of the principal lectures. Title and abstracts must be submitted by May 15. If there are more volunteers to speak than there are time slots, the organizers will choose talks that provide a balanced collection of topics and respect the historical traditions of the workshop. Earlier responses may be given some preference. Applicants will be notified whether their talk has been accepted by June 1.

Full details, including registration and information about submitting titles and abstracts for contributed talks, can be found at the conference web site at http://faculty.tcu.edu/gfriedman/GTW2021

The Workshops in Geometric Topology are a series of informal annual research conferences that have been held since 1984. In non-pandemic years, the workshops currently rotate among Brigham Young University, Calvin College, Colorado College, Texas Christian University, and the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. Each workshop features a series of three lectures by one principal speaker, providing a substantial introduction to an area of current research in geometric topology. Participants are invited to contribute short talks on their own research, and there is ample time set aside each day for informal interactions between participants. Funding for the workshop series is currently provided by a grant from the National Science Foundation (DMS-1764311).

Workshop Organizers: Fredric Ancel, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Greg Friedman, Texas Christian University Craig Guilbault, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Molly Moran, Colorado College Nathan Sunukjian, Calvin College Eric Swenson, Brigham Young University Frederick Tinsley, Colorado College Gerard Venema, Calvin College


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