Rethinking Number Theory

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Heidi Goodson, Christelle Vincent, Mckenzie West 


RNT will be a remote collaborative research experience for the weeks of October 5 through 18. The goal is for participants to learn new math, get to know colleagues, and have a joyful, affirming research experience. Workshop meetings will be planned around our busy schedules so that we can work on exciting research while also keeping up with our teaching and family responsibilities. We are anticipating groups working together Monday through Friday for on average 3 hours per day, though we encourage the members of each project to collaboratively design a work schedule that works for them. Note that the workshop will not have any events planned on the weekend or Monday, October 12, though some groups might want to work on these days if this is most convenient for them.

Team leaders have planned projects for participants to work on during the workshop. You can read more about the projects here:

To ensure that all participants can share in this joyful research experience, we ask that all who apply to participate be committed to equity and justice. We will also make time to imagine a different way to do math: How could hiring processes, grant writing, and conferences be transformed to be comfortable to everyone? We will have a code of conduct for the workshop, which you can read here:

To participate in our workshop, please apply by the end of the day on September 20, 2020. The application is here:


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