Arithmetic, Geometry, Cryptography and Coding Theory

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Our goal is to organise a conference devoted to interactions between pure mathematics (in particular arithmetic and algebraic geometry) and information theory (especially cryptography and coding theory). This conference will be the eighteenth edition, with the first one held in 1987, in a series that has traditionally brought together some of the top specialists in the domains of arithmetic, geometry, and information theory. The corresponding international community is very active and all of the concerned research domains are developing and expanding rapidly.

The conference is therefore also an important occasion for junior mathematicians (graduate students and postdocs) to interact with established researchers in order to exchange ideas. We aim to create an inclusive atmosphere and to encourage forging new connections between researchers of various different backgrounds.

The conference talks will be devoted to recent advances in arithmetic and algebraic geometry and number theory, with a special emphasis on algorithmic and effective results and applications of these fields to information theory.

The conference will last one week and will be organized as follows :

  • There will be one or two plenary talks each day, at the start of each session. They will be given by established researchers, some of whom are new to the established AGC2T community; this will allow for the introduction of emerging topics to the community, which may give rise to applications of arithmetic or algebraic geometry to information theory.
  • There will be several shorter specialized talks in each session, often delivered by junior mathematicians.

As with the previous editions of the AGC2T, we aim publish conference proceedings as a special volume of the Contemporary Mathematics collection of the AMS.

Conference Topics

  • Algebraic and arithmetic geometry over finite fields and global fields.
  • Number theory, especially explicit and algorithmic.
  • Algebro-geometric codes constructed from curves and higher-dimensional algebraic varieties over finite fields and global fields.
  • Arithmetic and geometric aspects of cryptography (symmetric, public key, and post-quantum) and cryptanalysis.


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