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Upcoming Meetings


November 2017

Lloyd Roeling Topology Conference

at.algebraic-topology gt.geometric-topology kt.k-theory-and-homology
2017-11-10 through 2017-11-12
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Lafayette, Louisiana; USA

Meeting Type: conference

Contact: Scott Bailey, Daniel Davis, Robin Koytcheff, Peter Oman


Lloyd Roeling Topology Conference
November 10-12, 2017
University of Louisiana at Lafayette (UL)

The annual University of Louisiana at Lafayette Lloyd Roeling Conference, whose focus this year is topology (including both geometric topology and homotopy theory), will have the following invited speakers*:

Ettore Aldrovandi (Florida State)
Shaun Ault (Valdosta State)
Scott Bailey (Clayton State)
Jeremy Brazas (West Chester University)
Saul Glasman (Minnesota)
Shelly Harvey (Rice) - to be confirmed
Jennifer Hom (Georgia Tech)
Rafal Komendarczyk (Tulane)
Samuel Lisi (Mississippi)
Duane Randall (Loyola University New Orleans)
Mentor Stafa (Tulane)
Nathaniel Stapleton (Kentucky/Regensburg)
David Shea Vela-Vick (LSU)
* there will be a slight-but-negligible variance in talk lengths

Also, the departmental Colloquium on Nov. 9th will be given by

Saul Glasman (Minnesota).

Additionally, the conference will have 7 student talks that are 15- or 20-minutes long for advanced undergraduates and Master's-level students advancing to a Ph.D. to be done not at their current institution. There will be 3 prizes of $125, $100, and $75 for these talks. Further planning for them is underway, with priority given to students at speakers' institutions.

The conference will start on Friday (the 10th) around 1 p.m. and end on Sunday around noon/12:15 p.m.

Information about the conference, as it becomes available, will be posted at


Some more information about the conference and UL follows.

In the Carnegie classification, UL is designated as having "Higher Research Activity" and, in the NSF's 2015 HERD rankings for the mathematical sciences, UL's math department was 80th.

The conference budget is modest: our annual tradition since 1970 is that, while there isn't funding for the travel and lodging expenses of speakers and participants, there will be nice (perhaps "classical and contemporary") Cajun-style dinners on Friday and Saturday nights (respectively) provided for by the Lloyd Roeling Conference Fund and the Math Dept.

Best regards,
Daniel, on behalf of the Organizing Committee:
Scott Bailey (Clayton State), Daniel Davis (UL),
Robin Koytcheff (UL), and Peter Oman (Southeast Missouri State)

July 2018

International Conference on Algebra and Related Topics (ICART 2018)

ac.commutative-algebra ag.algebraic-geometry at.algebraic-topology ct.category-theory fa.functional-analysis gt.geometric-topology kt.k-theory-and-homology oa.operator-algebras ra.rings-and-algebras rt.representation-theory
2018-07-02 through 2018-07-05
Faculty of Sciences, Mohammed V University in Rabat, Morocco.
Rabat; Morocco

Meeting Type: conference

Contact: Driss Bennis


We are pleased to announce the "first edition" of the International Conference on Algebra and Related Topics (ICART 2018).

ICART 2018 will be held from the 2nd to the 5th of July 2018 at the Faculty of Sciences, Mohammed V University in Rabat, Morocco.

ICART 2018 will cover various research areas presented in the following three sessions:

  • Applied and Computational Homology in Topology, Algebra and Geometry (ACHTAG)
  • Homological Algebra, Modules, Rings and Categories (HAMRC)
  • Linear and Multilinear Algebra and Function Spaces (LMAFS)

Please, see the website* http://www.fsr.ac.ma/icart2018/ to get more information including the list of Plenary Speakers. Registration will start in October 2017. Deadlines and more information will be also given in October.

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  • If you use your phone, please double-click on the tabs to open the corresponding web pages.

August 2018

International Congress of Mathematicians

ac.commutative-algebra ag.algebraic-geometry ap.analysis-of-pdes at.algebraic-topology ca.classical-analysis-and-odes co.combinatorics ct.category-theory cv.complex-variables dg.differential-geometry ds.dynamical-systems fa.functional-analysis gm.general-mathematics gn.general-topology gr.group-theory gt.geometric-topology ho.history-and-overview it.information-theory kt.k-theory-and-homology lo.logic mg.metric-geometry mp.mathematical-physics na.numerical-analysis nt.number-theory oa.operator-algebras oc.optimization-and-control pr.probability qa.quantum-algebra ra.rings-and-algebras rt.representation-theory sg.symplectic-geometry sp.spectral-theory st.statistics-theory
2018-08-01 through 2018-08-09
Rio de Janeiro; Brazil

Meeting Type: international congress

Contact: see conference website


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