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Upcoming Meetings


May 2017

K-Theory and Related Fields

ag.algebraic-geometry kt.k-theory-and-homology nt.number-theory
2017-05-08 through 2017-08-31
Hausdorff Institute for Mathematics, University of Bonn
Bonn; Germany

Meeting Type: long-term research program

Contact: see conference website


Mathematicians from many areas are interested in K-theory, and they all look at it from their own perspective. The program modestly plans to support research in several of the many sub-areas of K-theory and to promote synergies between the different, but often overlapping, areas. The program will involve the following elements:

A summer school directed at PhD students and young postdocs, scheduled for the week June 19 - June 23.

Three major workshops, as follows:

K-theory in algebraic geometry and number theory, May 15 - May 19, 

K-theory and related fields, June 26 - June 30,

K-theory in topology and non commutative geometry, August 21 - August 25.

Informal short courses and learning seminars, in between the major workshops, to help those working in one aspect of K-theory learn about developments and techniques in other areas.

August 2017

Summer School on Trace Methods in Algebraic K-Theory

at.algebraic-topology kt.k-theory-and-homology nt.number-theory
2017-08-07 through 2017-08-11
Indiana University
Bloomington, Indiana; USA

Meeting Type: summer school

Contact: Benjamin Antieau



Topology Ecuador 2017

at.algebraic-topology kt.k-theory-and-homology oa.operator-algebras
2017-08-14 through 2017-08-18
Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Galapagos Science Center
Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, Galápagos; Ecuador

Meeting Type: conference

Contact: Daniela Egas, Andrea Moreira, John Skukalek, Marc Stephan


This conference will cover a wide range of topics from algebraic topology to non-commutative geometry. Its purpose is to contribute to the development of these fields in Ecuador and to provide a meeting point for Latin-American mathematicians with other experts from around the world.

Algebraic K-theory and Arithmetic

ag.algebraic-geometry kt.k-theory-and-homology nt.number-theory
2017-08-20 through 2017-08-26
Mathematics Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences
Będlewo, Wielkopolska; Poland

Meeting Type: conference

Contact: Grzegorz Banaszak, Piotr Krasoń, Wiesława Niziol


Algebraic K-theory and arithmetic is the second conference in this series at Polish Academy of Sciences Conference Center in Będlewo. The first conference was in 2012.

Main Topics: Algebraic K-theory and Number Theory, Algebraic cycles and Algebraic K-theory, Motives and Motivic Cohomology, Algebraic K-theory and Arithmetic Geometry.

September 2017

32nd British Topology Meeting (BTM32)

at.algebraic-topology gn.general-topology gt.geometric-topology kt.k-theory-and-homology
2017-09-06 through 2017-09-08
University of Leicester
Leicester; UK

Meeting Type: conference

Contact: Andrew Tonks


The 32nd British Topology Meeting (BTM32) will be held at the University of Leicester from Wednesday 6th to Friday 8th of September 2017.

Invited speakers include:

  • Moritz Groth (Universität Bonn)
  • Jelena Grbić (University of Southampton)
  • Magdalena Kędziorek (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne)
  • Richard Hepworth (University of Aberdeen)
  • Paolo Salvatore (Università di Roma "Tor Vergata")
  • Markus Szymik (NTNU Trondheim)

The meeting is organised by Andy Tonks, Frank Neumann, Simona Paoli and Teimuraz Pirashvili.

There will be an opportunity for a number of contributed talks, and postgraduate students and early career researchers are particularly encouraged to participate.

Programme, registration and accommodation details are available at https://sites.google.com/view/btm32

We expect to cover expenses of all UK based research students and of all speakers. The meeting is supported by an LMS Conference grant.

K-theory, Representation Theory and Automorphic Forms

kt.k-theory-and-homology nt.number-theory oa.operator-algebras rt.representation-theory
2017-09-11 through 2017-09-12
University of Sheffield
Sheffield; UK

Meeting Type: workshop

Contact: Haluk Sengun



August 2018

International Congress of Mathematicians

ac.commutative-algebra ag.algebraic-geometry ap.analysis-of-pdes at.algebraic-topology ca.classical-analysis-and-odes co.combinatorics ct.category-theory cv.complex-variables dg.differential-geometry ds.dynamical-systems fa.functional-analysis gm.general-mathematics gn.general-topology gr.group-theory gt.geometric-topology ho.history-and-overview it.information-theory kt.k-theory-and-homology lo.logic mg.metric-geometry mp.mathematical-physics na.numerical-analysis nt.number-theory oa.operator-algebras oc.optimization-and-control pr.probability qa.quantum-algebra ra.rings-and-algebras rt.representation-theory sg.symplectic-geometry sp.spectral-theory st.statistics-theory
2018-08-01 through 2018-08-09
Rio de Janeiro; Brazil

Meeting Type: international congress

Contact: see conference website


Satellite conferences will appear later with their own entries.