Eighth Pacific Rim Conference in Mathematics

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U.C. Berkeley 
Berkeley, California (online) 
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Erik Bates 


The Pacific Rim Conference in Mathematics meets every three or four years and offers a venue for the presentation to, and discussion among, a wide audience of the latest trends in mathematical research. With funding support from the Department of Mathematics at U.C. Berkeley, the Eighth Pacific Rim Conference will be held online from Monday, 3rd August to Tuesday, 11th August. Its ten sessions will cover a very broad span of exciting developments in contemporary mathematics.

Very brief registration for livestream info: https://wp.math.berkeley.edu/pacificrim2020/registration-for-sessions/

The conference's plenary addresses will be given by:

  • Richard Bamler, U.C. Berkeley
  • Michael Christ, U.C. Berkeley
  • Simon Donaldson, Imperial College, London
  • Yihong Du, University of New England, Australia
  • Yakov Eliashberg, Stanford University
  • Takeshi Saito, University of Tokyo
  • Neil Trudinger, Australian National University
  • Guofang Wei, U.C. Santa Barbara
  • Ofer Zeitouni, Weizmann Institute of Science

Each plenary address occurs in conjunction with a more focused session:

  • Algebraic and complex geometry
  • Classical harmonic analysis and combinatorics
  • Differential geometry
  • Life sciences: mathematical modelling and analysis
  • Number theory
  • PDE: Dissipation and fluid mechanics
  • PDE: Inviscid fluid mechanics and general relativity
  • Probability theory
  • Recent trends in geometric analysis
  • Symplectic geometry and dynamical systems


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