Supergeometry, supersymmetry and quantization

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University of Luxembourg 
Belval, Esch-Sûr-Alzette 
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Andrew Bruce 


The conference will bring researchers across both the fields of mathematics and physics together in order to discuss recently developed topics, on-going work and speculative new ideas within supergeometry and its applications in physics. This event offers a unique opportunity to unite physicists and mathematicians who share a common interest in supermathematics. There will be enough time available for discussions between the participants; a poster session for junior researchers will be organized. The main topics include:

  • Supermanifolds and their generalizations (e.g., superschemes, color supermanifolds, noncommutative supergeometry...)
  • Super Lie groups and Lie superalgebras
  • Supergeometric methods in physics
  • Geometric aspects of supersymmetric field theories, superstrings, and supergravity
  • Mathematical aspects of the BV-BRST formalism

List of confirmed speakers: · Glenn Barnich (Université Libre de Bruxelles) · José Miguel Figueroa-O'Farrill (University of Edinburgh) · Rita Fioresi (University of Bologna) · Janusz Grabowski (Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw) · Richard Kerner (Sorbonne University) · Hovhannes Khudaverdyan (University of Manchester) · Alexei Kotov (University of Hradec Kralove) · Dimitry Leites (Stockholm University) · Yuri Manin (Max Planck Institute for Mathematics, Bonn) · Sergei Merkulov (University of Luxembourg) · Ruben Mkrtchyan (Yerevan Physics Institute) · Valentin Ovsienko (CNRS, Reims) · Ivan Penkov (Jacobs University Bremen) · Jian Qiu (University of Uppsala) · Vladimir Salnikov (CNRS, La Rochelle) · Urs Schreiber (NYU Abu Dhabi and Czech Acedemy, Prague) · Albert Schwarz (University of California, Davis) · Ekaterina Shemyakova (University of Minneapolis) · Francesco Toppan (Brazilian Center for Physics Research, Rio de Janeiro) · Luca Vitagliano (University of Salerno) · Alexander Voronov (University of Minnesota) · Ted Voronov (University of Manchester) Scientific Committee:

Andrew Bruce (University of Luxembourg), Steven Duplij (University of Münster), Janusz Grabowski (Polish Academy of Sciences), Norbert Poncin (University of Luxembourg), Ted Voronov (University of Manchester) Organizing Committee:

Andrew Bruce (University of Luxembourg), Eduardo Ibargüengoytia (University of Luxembourg) .


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