Séminaire de Mathématiques Supérieures 2022: Floer Homotopy Theory

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Start Date
End Date
University of British Columbia 
Vancouver, British Columbia 
Meeting Type
summer school 
Contact Name
Robert Lipshitz, Ben Williams 


The target audience is graduate students or other early career people in fields related to Floer Homotopy Theory, very broadly construed. Please tell anyone you know who might be interested.

The application to attend can also be found on the event page. The deadline to apply is 4 February 2022. Housing will be provided for at least the first 50 accepted applicants.

There is a registration fee (to be paid later) to discourage spurious registrations, but this can be waived if it is an obstacle to attendance.


Speakers and Courses:

 Mohammed Abouzaid, Columbia University: Floer Homotopy
 Omar Antolín, UNAM: Introduction to Ring Spectra
 Nate Bottman, Max Planck: Floer Homology Fundamentals
 Catherine Cannizzo, SCGP: Floer Homology Fundamentals
 Jeff Hicks, University of Edinburgh: Applications
 Cary Malkiewich, Binghamton University: Spectra and Smash Products
 Katherine Poirier, New York City College of Technology: String Topology 
 Hiro Lee Tanaka, Texas State University: Operads

School Structure:

The summer school will consist of lecture courses with problem sessions; seminars on recent developments; and two panel discussions about professional development. The lecture courses will be:

Week 1

Fundamentals of Floer homology (9 lectures)

Introduction to ring spectra (3 lectures)

String topology (3 lectures)

Week 2

Spectra and smash products (4 lectures) Operads (4 lectures)

Applications of Floer homology (3 lectures)

Floer homotopy theory (4 lectures)

Most days, an hour and a half will be set aside for problem sessions. There will also be two seminars on recent developments and one panel discussion on professional development each week.


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