Rational Points 2017

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Schloss Schney 
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This workshop is the sixth in a series that started with the workshops Rational Points on Curves - Explicit Methods and Rational Points on Curves and Higher-Dimensional Varieties: Theory and Explicit Methods held in 2005 and 2007 in Bremen, followed by the workshops Rational Points 3 and Rational Points 2013 in Thurnau in 2010 and 2013 and thw workshop Rational Points 2015 in Schney.

In the tradition of the earlier events, this workshop aims at bringing together the leading experts in the field, covering a broad spectrum reaching from the more theoretically-oriented over the explicit to the algorithmic aspects. The fundamental problem motivating the workshop asks for a description of the set of rational points X(Q) for a given algebraic variety X defined over Q. When X is a curve, the structure of this set is known, and the most interesting question is how to determine it explicitly for a given curve. When X is higher-dimensional, much less is known about the structure of X(Q), even when X is a surface. So here the open questions are much more basic for our understanding of the situation, and on the algorithmic side, the focus is on trying to decide if a given variety does have any rational point at all. Aim

By bringing together the leading experts and giving them the opportunity to present their latest results and their view on the field in general, we hope to provide a fertile basis for animated discussions. As a result, we hope to achieve a better understanding of the current state of the art and, more importantly, to identify and explore the most promising directions for future work. Format

This is a workshop with about 50 participants. Participation is by invitation. Every participant is expected to contribute actively to the success of the event, by giving talks and/or by taking part in the discussions. There will be two invited talks every morning (9:30-10:30 and 11:15-12:15); the afternoons will be available for shorter invited talks, discussions, informal talks and collaboration. Wednesday afternoon is free.


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